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Low-cost online versions of the award winning book Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology v 3.0 (Aug. 2014) are available starting at just $24, about one-tenth the price of a conventional management textbook.

Faculty interested in adopting the text can contact Flatworld Knowledge for a complimentary, printed desk copy, or fill out the online copy request form on the firm’s website.  Also note that in addition to the full-text online, FWK sells print-on-demand, tablet, and bound paperback versions.

Podcasts.  The last complete semester of podcasts for my classes is linked below, as is the link to the current semester podcasts.  These should provide faculty with a blueprint for how this content might be effectively presented.  Enjoy!


  • Prior Semester’s slides are available in the Gallaugher Archived Course Material folder on Google Drive (read access open to all).  If I am currently teaching, I’ll add this semester’s slides as soon as they are presented in class.

Wiki Course Materials

  • Course Readings & Schedule – includes how I schedule my half-semester course using half the material from the book – includes student assignments, readings, etc.
  • Course Syllabus – includes grading & expectation info.
  • Google Challenge Project Information – information shared with students on the Google Online Marketing Challenge project (spring semesters only)
  • Strategic Analysis Project Information – information shared with students on the Strategic Analysis group project (used during semesters when I’m not running the Google project).
  • New Venture Project – information shared with students on the New Venture group project (the current group project I’m using with my class). Also see New Venture Project – Project Help & Ideas.
  • Twitter Assignment – I have my classes tweet to share information & support one another.  Here’s the setup exercise I use.
  • Course Wiki – these materials are copied over from the ‘live’ student wiki, which remains password protected (I protect the confidentiality of their personal wiki pages).  If there is courseware that has a broken link, or that still seems inaccessible, feel free to e-mail me.  I’m happy to share what I’ve got!

IS Faculty Online Community

  • I’ve set up an experimental Ning community where we can all make blog posts to share links to videos, images, and articles that can help enhance teaching with this material.  The community also includes a forum for asking questions and sharing additional resources.  Feel free to be a lurker or contributor – it’s a space set up to help make us all better and I promise to incorporate the best suggestions into subsequent versions of our text.  The forum is for faculty-only, save for my highly-trustworthy teaching assistants.  They will verify all participants are, in fact, University faculty, before grading access.  For information on requesting access (and I really encourage you to do so), please see Request Access to Faculty Community.


  • The Week in Geek has been regularly published since 1997.  No more than once a week (and usually only about once a month) I post a digest of interesting news at the intersection of business and technology.  Many of the articles I highlight & summarize offer coverage of cases and course topics.  Please feel free to subscribe (there’s an e-mail sign up and RSS link at the top of the blog’s main page)

Other Social media

  • – I use my account, in part, to share interesting articles related to the book content.
  • My Google+ account offers pretty much the same thing.  Like many of you, I’m more active on Twitter than Google+, but Google+ offers the advantage of easier-to-follow threads with longer posting length.
  • You can also “Like” on Facebook at the top of this page (thanks). I could use a better Facebook presence, but hopefully the Blog, Twitter, Ning and Google+ offerings help keep you connected in useful ways.
  • Mobile & Social: Higher Ed. Rocket Fuel (scroll to find) – a talk I gave at Apple’s AcademiX conference in Spring 2011.  Includes thoughts & practices on using social media across teaching, research, alumni engagement, extracurricular activities, placement, advancement, and more.

Promoting Information Systems Study – material used to promote the study of technology at Boston College.  Feel free to download, modify, and use in your own efforts.

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