E-Commerce Podcasts - Spring 2006

Podcast Index for Prof. John Gallaugher's Spring 2006 Undergraduate E-Commerce Course at Boston College.

Podcasts are available free to all (faculty, students, and the broader Net community).  If you listen, please let me know! If feedback remains positive, I'll be sure to podcast more courses.  Also note there is more free course content available at gallaugher.com, including chapters, syllabi, and the Week in Geek.

This is my very first experiment with podcasting, so I apologize that the experience is so rough around the edges.  If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can subscribe to the podcast by clicking this icon Podcast feed: Subscribe (iTunes will launch when you click it). The index at the bottom of this page contains direct links with richer descriptions of each podcast.  Sound quality is terrible, but my hope is that the podcasts are a useful tool for helping my students review.  I'm also very interested in hearing from other folks (faculty, students, practitioners or the curious) outside Boston College who have sampled these podcasts.  Please drop me an e-mail & let me know what you think!  Cheers, jeers, corrections and suggestions are all welcome.  If this proves useful/interesting, I will continue offering podcasts.  Course readings and PowerPoint slides for the course are also online (please note that the database license to some links on the 'Course Readings' page is limited to the BC community, and I cannot forward inaccessible copyrighted material).  Also, consider subscribing to the Week in Geek newsletter on my website.

A brief answer to the most asked question:

Q: How has podcasting impacted student attendance? 

A: I've noticed no difference. We've had a nearly full classes for each lecture, but my students have been warned that classroom attendance is a minimum expectation and grades will drop significantly if they do not attend lectures.

Thanks for your interest!
John (john.gallaugher@bc.edu)

BC's page listing the e-commerce course podcasts is: http://iml2.bc.edu/gallaugher/, but the links below are a bit more descriptive.

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