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Build A Raspberry Pi Robot Controlled Over Wi-Fi By A Swift-iOS App

A full tutorial has been posted as a playlist on my YouTube Channel. The series of videos describes how to build a simple robot using a Raspberry Pi, controlling it using the MQTT protocol (popular in IoT communications), CircuitPython, and, for the app, Swift for iOS.

I developed this because I wanted to build a low-cost robot platform that could be further extended with additional components. If you drop by the office, ask for a demo of BaldwinBot. Look for more tutorials, soon.

Parts Used:

This version also involved some soldering (due to the Motor Hat). I have found a cheaper, solder-free motor hat, but it doesn’t support the nice Adafruit CircuitPython software libraries. I’ll post a video showing this as an option, in case there are folks who don’t want to solder or are looking for a lower-cost option.

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